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How to select good Industrial Aluminum Profiles

Unlike other profiles, industrial aluminum product selection is very strict. Aluminium profile products in industrial use must with superior load-bearing capacity, tensile strength and toughness. There are four points should be keep in mind when selecting quality aluminium profile:aluminum alloy chemical composition, mechanical properties, tolerance,  deformation calculation.

Currently industrial aluminum market competition is pierce, aluminum companies in order to occupy more market share, they do much on the product itself. Some of them want earn more by reducing working process and chemical material, thus, causing much loss to customers. Therefore, clients should take aluminum profile quality, making process, chemical component and bearing capability into consideration instead of just price.

Mechanical performance parameters can be referred when choosing aluminum profile. Aluminum selection of physical stress analysis must be considered to prevent unnecessary losses such as deformation collapse caused by wrong choices. Aluminum mechanical performance mainly include three aspects: load-bearing capacity, tensile strength and toughness.

Industrial aluminum tolerance range mainly contain parallelism, straightness, twist three aspects. It refers to the subtle tolerance result from the products’length.
1: Parallelism analysis: Within 5700 mm, aluminum plane parallel line and the slot line parallelism should not be more than plus or minus 0.05 mm.
2:Straightness analysis: Within 300 mm, it should be more than plus or minus 0.05 mm while within 2000 mm, not more than plus or minus 1.5 mm.
3:Twist analysis:It should be less than 1.5 mm within 300 mm.

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