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About Solar Power System

Solar power system is largely stable and reliable and easy to install. It is now applied to many feilds.In addition, by the impact of national policies and encouragement, in the past few years, photovoltaic technology has been improved to a large extent while the cost is getting much lower. The solar power system also made great progress in energy conservation.

Solar power features:
It is inexhaustible:
Because the Earth's surface can receive more solar radiation, it would be able to meet ten thousand times the Earth's energy requirement. Solar power is very safe which will neither pollute the environment nor cause no the energy crisis

Solar power does not require long transmission of electricity which can effectively avoid the loss caused by long-range transport.

Low running costs:

Solar power is not easily damaged, and post-maintenance is relatively simple, even in the absence of duty cases it can also be used to generate electricity.

Environmental protection:
Solar power will cause no environmental pollution. Also it does not produce noise and other hazards. It is an ideal clean energy.

Electrical convenience:
Solar power system can be appropriately increase or decrease depending on the load conditions, can be increased or decreased solar phalanx capacity, effectively avoid the waste of energy.

Solar energy application range:
It is mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic power plants and can be installed by solar power infrastructure.

Process principles:
You can install a battery pack which can transfer solar energy into electrical energy on a fixed solar frame, then through the inverter and other equipment for power transmission, and finally transmit electric power by transferring electrical power to the electrical terminal line.

System components:
PV array, inverter, solar tracking systems and other necessary equipment.

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