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Teach you how to install Aluminum Solar System

According to the construction essentials and construction characteristics, we first should choose a reasonable construction methods and make full use of time, position and other conditions. The following are some main principles in the construction schedule:

First, we must first lay a solid foundation on the ground.

Independent basis and with a simple construction method, the construction required two-pronged approach and work together with two construction jobs.

Photovoltaic power plant construction process. First, we must go to the scene to conduct survey research and then plan project. Next you need to locate the site to ensure smooth wire and cable laying and test whether system running correctly. When everything is ready, start running and doing acceptance work.

PV module installation

Solar frame installation
First insert pillar pipe into the precast concrete pile head, and then install the front and rear beams, and then fix the front and rear block part on the front and rear beams, and finally install the frame with steel bars. After finishing the front and rear beams adjustment, tighten  all screws. After the entire installation of all the steel pillars, fill the concrete piles with grout so as to have all components tighten together. Solar frame installation  must first secure the construction and effeciency.

Lever mounting panels
Check the integrity of panels and then install solar panels in accordance with the requirements of the drawing rod. Solar PV power plant is an very important part of solar power system.

Solar panel mounting

Take care in the custody of the panel process. During transporting the panel, avoid making strong impact while the bolts panels need to be tightly fixed.

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