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Surface Sandblasting Technology on Aluminum

Aluminum surface sandblasting technology has been widely applied, mainly used in automobile manufacturing, rail transportation, machinery and equipment manufacturing, and other industrial fields. Sandblasting process technology does good effect on aluminum surface hardness adjustment and bulk density. It is no free silica,environmentally friendly and with good toughness.

Aluminum sandblasting process is the use of high voltage electrostatic field corona principle. Connect the gun head-a part of aluminum sandblasting process tool to the negative high voltage. Then have the coated work piece connected with ground to form positive electrode. So there will be a strong static electric field produced between the gun and the work piece.

When the carrier gas-compressed air transmit the powder coating to the gun rod diversion from the powder barrel,there will be densive negative charge around the powder, for the connected diversion rod produce high voltage. After the powder enter into the electrostatic field, under the double effect of static electricity and gas carrier, they will be sprayed on the ground surface evenly while forming well-distributed powder layer. Next, heating and solidifying the powder layer into a durable coating. The general construction process of aluminum surface sandblasting technology: pre-treatment, drying to remove water, spraying ,check, baking, check-finished.
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