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Name:Customized OEM T-Slot Extrusion Profiles

Product Description

What's T-Slot Aluminum?

Although it may seem complicated, the concept  behind t-slot aluminum is very simple.The end of each piece of aluminum is shaped like a "T". What this does is allow you to combine other pieces of aluminum without any welding. T-slot aluminum is modular - i.e. it's easily changeable. You can move and connect the aluminum profiles however you'd like, with added accessories like angle connectors. Ultimately, you can create anything from workstations, to conveyors, to trade show booths, to furniture.

Metric Sizes of T-Slot Aluminum


Approximately over 95% of the world uses the metric system for T-Slot Aluminum dimensions. Why? To be honest, it's much easier to use. It's great for working in machinery, since it's very easy to convert among different units. In case T-Slot aluminum structures bend once they're hit hard enough, the damaged units can be taken out and replaced by a new one because all aluminum profiles are assembled with hand tools, no need cutting, welding and replacing and repainting as well like steel structure

Why T-Slot Aluminum Profile?


 T-Slot aluminum extrusion profiles have grown in popularity during the past several years.Aluminum Profiles are like an "industrial meccano" and become direct replacement for welded steel.


Compared with welded steel, T-Slot aluminum extrusion profiles are more expensive. But the higher material costs are more than offset by lower labor costs for assembling the project.


Steel frames have to be welded. Holes have to be drilled and tapped, and the frame has to be painted. T-Slot aluminum does not have to be painted, and it's modular. It's got T-slots on all four sides. You never have to drill and tap holes.


Steel gets rusty easily, while T-Slot Aluminum has a clear anodized finish which is scratch and corrosion resistant which means it will never need maintenance.We can also provide different finishes such as anodized colors, powder coated or eletrophoresis finishes are also available upon request.

T-Slot Aluminum V.S. Steel Construction Processing Steps

T-Slot Aluminum Construction Steel Construction

1. Design Time

2. Bill of Materials

3. Purchase Materials

4. Assemble Frame

1. Design Time

2. Bill of Materials

3. Purchase Materials

4. Cut to length

5. Deburr

6. Set up Fixture

7. Welding

8. Grind welds, clean spatter

9. Drilling & Tapping Holes

10. Degrease, mask, prme & paint

How to Choose the Best T-Slot Aluminum?


We divide our T Slot Aluminum Profiles up into three designations -- light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty.


If you are creating something like a pet cage, sign frame, partition screen, etc. -- light duty T Slot Aluminum is your best choice;

If you are creating machine base legs, machine guarding, enclosures, ect. -- medium duty or heavy duty T Slot Aluminum is your best choicel

If you are creating strong rigid frames, heavy duty T Slot Aluminum is your best choice.

Applications of T-Slot Aluminum

 T Slot Aluminum profiles are used for machine frames, automation production lines, furniture, trade show displays, cleaning rooms, guardians. The followings are some of the ideas for T Slot Aluminum Application:

FAQ on T-Slot Aluminum Profiles from Aluminum


1. Does all T Slot can customers order directly?

Usually we have available moulds for the common series of T Slot aluminum as we have listed above in the detailed description. If special sizes or shapes are demanded, we can make mould for customers.


2. What will be the mould charge?

The mould charge differs according to the sizes and shapes. You can send your drawing to our sales team. They will get professional suggestion from our engineering team and feedback to you asap.

The mould charge could be returned upon certain quantity's order.


3. How log will it take to make a new mould?

If the simple mould, it may take 5-7 days for us to open a new mould; if complicated ones, it takes about 15 days.


4. What about the sample charge?

If you require 10cm sample for our available stock, the sample is free but customer should pay for express cost; if you require more than that quantity, we will charge reasonable price (Usually 3 times of the wholesale price, but we will return once upon customer's order.) 


5. What about the production time?

For common style, it takes about 7 days for us to do production; for complicated ones, it takes about 15 days.


6. What's the MOQ of T Slot Aluminum Profiles orders?

To be honest, we have no MOQ. But different quantity, the price shall be different. Small quantity, higher unit price; bigger order, better price. It's quite fair.


7. Do you protect customer's information?

We will never disclose any customer's information to others. All our customer's information is confidential.


8. Can customers require their own packing with logo?

Yes, we can do OEM for customers, but we respect patent right.


9. How can I become Zenith's Distributor? As Zenith Aluminum distributor, do we enjoy certain preferential policies?

Yes, we welcome good distributors to join us. If customers order more than 50 tons per month regularly, they will become our distributor in that area. And in this situation, any customers from that area can only buy through this distributor. And if the distributor order more than 800 tons per year, the distributor can enjoy deal base. For more detailed information on the distribution, please feel free to contact our sales teams.


10. How can I claim the loss for any defective products?

We follow very strict quality control system to make sure our products are all qualified with customer's requirements. In case the products you receive are not in a good situation, please contact us at the first time when you receive the goods and send us the clear pictures. We will learn the reason carefully about the problems and try our best to make up your loss.

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